As human beings, we rely on the nature around us to supply basic necessities such as food and water. Global challenges including urbanisation, climate change and extreme weather conditions make the need for preserving our natural resources increasingly evident. The management of natural resources, for instance, has become a global concern and a priority for future sustainable development.

Transport has significant detrimental effects on the built and natural environment, and hence on
individuals’ lives. It also contributes significantly to global warming. On both these counts, transport will be unsustainable in the medium to long term without mitigation measures. The environmental aspects of transport sustainability are concerned with atmospheric and noise pollution, land take, resource use, the effects of waste disposal on the natural environment, and the effects of the above on humans, flora and fauna. These environmental aspects of transport cover the full life-cycle of transport. The largest impacts come from transport use, but the effects from development and construction of infrastructure and vehicles, as well as the waste from their disposal, add to the environmental costs of transport.


   Environmental Compliance
   Environmental Impact Assessments /  Statements
   Noise & Vibration Analysis

Air Quality & Climate Change

   Air Quality Impact Assessments
   Climate Change Impact Analysis
   Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Assessments

Environmental Management

   Environment Management Plan (EMP)
   Disaster Management Plan (DMP)
   Health & Safety Management Plan (HSE)

Land Use Planning

   Land Use
   GIS – Spatial Analysis

Energy Systems

   Power Generation
   Power Economics
   Oil & gas
   Carbon Management

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